Drafting a Surrogacy Agreement: What You Need to Know

A solid surrogacy agreement is foundational in any surrogacy arrangement. It should comprehensively cover:

  • Rights and Responsibilities of Each Party: Clearly define what the surrogate and the intended parents expect. This ensures that each party understands their role, including how they handle medical expenses, prenatal care, and potential complications.
  • Financial Arrangements: Transparently outline any compensation and expense coverage for the surrogate. This should include detailed information on the payment schedule, any additional allowances for maternity clothes, and terms covering medical costs.
  • Steps to Handle Potential Disputes: Include provisions for resolving conflicts that might arise during or after the pregnancy. This might involve stipulations for mediation or arbitration and specific legal recourse in the event of a breach of contract.

A well-drafted surrogacy agreement by a qualified surrogacy agreement lawyer in East Naples provides peace of mind and legal clarity.

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