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When a marriage ends and minor children are involved, custody and support for the children can become an issue. Unfortunately, some parents will use the children as
leverage against the other party. This helps no one, least of all, the children. We believe children are best served when parents communicate and work through
differences instead of driving the family into contentious battles. To this end, we take the time to understand your family's dynamic and what truly works best for your
kids, for the present and for their future.

Custody agreements and parenting plans are legal tools that we use to create a stable environment for children when the parents' marriage ends. There are two main aspects of custody: parental responsibility and time-sharing. Parental responsibility is the right to make decisions about the child’s life and upbringing. Time-sharing refers to the physical time each parent is allowed to spend with the child. There are many factors to consider in custody arrangements, and decisions should prioritize the well-being of the child.

Modifications are often allowed when sudden and unforeseen changes happen to the parents’ or children’s lives that significantly impact the custody order. These
events may include accidents, addiction, a major change of residence, medical conditions, or any other circumstances that can significantly affect the ability to parent properly.

A parent may be deemed incapable of parental responsibility. Reasons may include a history of alcohol and substance abuse, domestic abuse, or previously being unable
to provide for a child's needs.

If the other parent becomes uncooperative or abusive, we can assist you with the necessary documentation, argumentation, and representation you need to modify
custody orders.

Like the custody order, your parenting plan must serve the best interests of the child. It will also need to account for the realities of you and your former spouse's schedule, and other factors. Keeping the lines of communication open and having a plan for making decisions together will go a long way toward helping your children thrive (yes, it's possible!) in the arrangement.

Your children's well-being is our number-one concern. We'll be tireless advocates for minimally disruptive custody arrangements.

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