Ending a marriage is tough enough; you don't need the process itself adding more pain. At Kao Law, we are dedicated to helping you transition smoothly through settlement discussions that protect your interests, treat your former spouse with respect, and start moving you towards a brighter future. 

Your family's well-being is our top priority. To know how to best support your family, we start by listening to your concerns, your priorities, and what you hope for the future. Then we'll discuss the options and create a plan tailored to your unique situation.

Collaborative or Uncontested Divorce
Divorce does not have to be complicated and messy. If you are separating amicably and want a lawyer to make sure everything is accomplished properly and legally, we are here to help you sort out the details. We work together with you for a win-win arrangement for property, assets, child custody, and support.

Our flat-fee service for uncontested divorce is designed to guide you through the process as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Contested Divorce
We believe in negotiation and a collaborative approach for families looking to solve disputes with less conflict and lower cost. However, when litigation is necessary, we are well-prepared to protect your interests and stand up for you and your children in court. 

Throughout the process, we serve as your guide and advocate, empowering you with the resources you need to make informed decisions that will shape your family's future. 

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