Legal Rights of Surrogate Mothers

Understanding the rights of surrogate mothers is crucial for ethical and legal surrogacy practices:

  • Right to Medical and Psychological Support: Surrogates should access comprehensive medical care and psychological support throughout the process. This includes not only during pregnancy but also postpartum care and counselling to help them cope with any emotional or physical issues arising from the surrogacy.
  • Decision-Making Autonomy: Surrogates retain certain rights regarding pregnancy-related decisions, such as the choice of healthcare provider and the course of the pregnancy, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in the contract.
  • Legal Protection and Support: Surrogates should have independent legal counsel to protect their interests. This legal support helps surrogates understand the terms of the agreement thoroughly and ensures they are not coerced into accepting unfavorable or harmful conditions.

A surrogacy agreement lawyer in East Naples ensures these rights are upheld, supporting the dignity and well-being of the surrogate.

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