Parental Rights in Assisted
Reproductive Technology

Securing parental rights in assisted reproductive technology is a complex process that requires careful legal planning. Here are some important points:

  • Pre-Birth Orders: These legal orders can establish the intended parents as the legal parents before the child is born. This can simplify the process of obtaining parental rights and ensure that the intended parents are recognized from the moment of birth.
  • Adoption: In some cases, intended parents may need to go through a formal adoption process to secure their parental rights. This is often necessary when using donor eggs or sperm, or in international surrogacy arrangements where the legal recognition of parental rights may vary.
  • Donor Agreements: Clear agreements with egg or sperm donors can prevent future disputes over parental rights. These agreements should explicitly state that the donor waives any parental rights and responsibilities, protecting the intended parents’ legal status.
  • Surrogacy Contracts: Comprehensive surrogacy contracts can ensure that the intended parents are recognized as the legal parents at birth. These contracts should cover all aspects of the surrogacy arrangement, including the rights and responsibilities of the surrogate and the intended parents.

An assisted reproductive technology lawyer in Aqualane Shores can help navigate these legal processes to ensure your parental rights are fully secured, providing peace of mind and legal protection as you build your family.

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